Realtor Tips for Marketing Automation

Reaching a huge consumer base is the priority of every profit-oriented entrepreneur. Similarly, realtors work hard to reach many people and seal many deals. But, how do you reach home sellers and buyers who have chosen the internet as their preferred means of meeting a realtor? Many home buyers especially millennials would like to doRead More

Six Referral Relationships You Need to Build

One of the many joys of being in real estate sales is having the opportunity to be self-employed. Depending on your own knowledge, schedule, and work ethic can be both gratifying and rewarding as you build your own business or brand. But as you dive deeper into the world of real estate, you’ll soon learnRead More

5 Ways to Make Your Listings Stand Out

If you are a real estate agent, you may want to find ways to make your online listing stand out. Since more agents are choosing to market their properties on the web, you should make sure that your listing has maximum exposure. Here are five ways to make your real estate listings stand out onRead More

9 Digital Marketing Tips Every Realtor Should Know

Competition is always fierce among realtors in local markets, regardless of the size of the community they serve. Real estate agents always find themselves fighting for clients. The best way to get ahead of your local competition is to implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Use the following tips courtesy of the digital marketing gurusRead More

7 of the Best Apps for Realtors

In any profession, there are new technologies that can help you succeed and become the best in your industry. Mobile technology has become some of the most useful technology in our modern world. With the rise of mobile devices, you can utilize apps that will help you become the best professional you can be. AsRead More

Dos and Don’ts of Putting a Real Estate Listing on Zillow

If you are a real estate agent, chances are you’re putting your listings online. After all, not every potential buyer is going to be in the area and many people shop online for just about everything now anyway. So how can you, as a real estate agent, best use Zillow to your advantage to sellRead More