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5 Ways to Make Your Listings Stand Out

If you are a real estate agent, you may want to find ways to make your online listing stand out. Since more agents are choosing to market their properties on the web, you should make sure that your listing has maximum exposure. Here are five ways to make your real estate listings stand out on the Internet.

1. Create a user-friendly layout

When looking to market a property on the Internet, you want to make sure the layout is easy to follow for the potential buyer. According to Just Listed, many consumers will leave a website if they find that the structure is confusing or the information is not organized well on the page.

Instead of large paragraphs describing the property, break up the description into small sections or bullet points, which can be easier to peruse. You also should place important information toward the top of the page, so that the potential buyer sees this first. You may also want to create clear, informative titles and headlines to encourage the buyer to click on the listing.

2. Take clear pictures

For the most part, most listings should include several pictures of the house. Remember to take clear, accurate pictures of all the rooms and the exterior of the house. Most buyers look at the photos first before even reading the description, so you want to make sure that the pictures reflect the ambiance in the house. Here are useful real estate photography tips.

Be sure your listings include lots of high-quality pictures that display the highlights of the property.

In many instances, buyers are attracted to not only the house but also the lifestyle created by certain items in the house. Per Trulia, you should make sure to stage the house appropriately with quality furniture. Also, you may want to hire a professional photographer who can produce high quality pictures.

3. Include accurate descriptions

After perusing the pictures, many buyers will focus on the descriptions. Make sure to add accurate information within the listing so that the buyer is clear about the specifics of the property. You should also want to include keywords in your listing that are search engine friendly.

4. Utilize social media

Social media is a great way to draw additional traffic to your online listings.

Most real estate agents utilize social media to market their properties. If you are looking to gain more traffic to your listing, you may want to post a link on your Twitter or Facebook accounts. You can also post important pictures on Instagram and other sites. In addition, you can also post important general information, such as if a listing has decreased in price or your contact information.

5. Include a video tour of the property

If you have a camera phone, then you may want to provide the potential buyer with a virtual tour. A video can allow the individual an alternate view of the house and can accurately show how everything flows. Videos are usually easy to upload on most sites and can really enhance your listing. Click here for a great tutorial on how to shoot a real estate video.

There are many ways that you can make your listing stand out online. If you want to attract a maximum number of visitors and sell properties quickly, then put these five tips to good use.


Dos and Don’ts of Putting a Real Estate Listing on Zillow

If you are a real estate agent, chances are you’re putting your listings online. After all, not every potential buyer is going to be in the area and many people shop online for just about everything now anyway. So how can you, as a real estate agent, best use Zillow to your advantage to sell properties? Here are some dos and don’ts you should keep in mind when getting started on or listing your next property on Zillow.

Things You Should Do

Familiarize Yourself with Zillow

Play around with the site and seek outside information to learn how to use it and see if you can discover something new. Look at other successful listings and see if they have something yours lack. Be sure to take advantage of the resources Zillow puts out for their Zillow Premier Agent program, which offers courses, helpful articles and downloads, and event notifications.

Include Plenty Of Photographs

You probably know that including photographs with your listing is an absolute must. However, there are some tricks you should know about. For example, never take a photo of a home where it looks like the home is slanted – this could raise buyers’ concerns that there is something structurally wrong with the house or that it is precariously placed on an incline. Include plenty of photos (not just one or two) of your listing that show off the home, its selling features and the surrounding property in the best light.

Include lots of great, professional-quality pictures for each listing. You may even want to consider adding a video walk-through of the house or using a drone to capture aerial shots.

Include lots of great, professional-quality pictures for each listing. You may even want to consider adding a video walk-through of the house or using a drone to capture aerial shots.

Put The Best Thing About The House First

A key component of crafting a compelling real estate listing is capturing a buyer’s interest right off the bat, so put what is best or unique about the house front and center in your Zillow listing. What makes the house stand out from others in the neighboring area? What distinguishing, desirable features does it have?

Have Good Keywords

Come up with and utilize a good set of keywords not only in your Zillow listing but everywhere else you list the house as well to make it easier to find for potential buyers.

Create An Agent Profile

If you don’t already have an agent profile, you need to fill one out. Anyone interested in the home’s listing is going to want to contact you, and an attractive, professional-looking profile will signal to them that you are a reliable professional they will want to do business with. Be sure to include a picture of yourself.

Things You Should Not Do

Make the Description Really Long

While it’s important to be thorough, don’t use the Zillow description to write a novel. If the description is too long, people simply will think it’s too much effort and not read it. Stick to the basics and the best selling points about the property, and leave it at that.

Make sure your listing adequately describes the property and answers basic questions, without overwhelming the reader or writing a novel.

Make sure your listing adequately describes the property and answers basic questions, without overwhelming the reader or writing a novel.

Have A Massive Wall of Text

Similar to the above tip, separate the description up into paragraphs or even bullet points. This will make it appear more attractive and easier to read for potential buyers and get your main points across quickly.

Neglect The Basics

Fill out as much information about the property as you can for maximum appeal, and don’t accidentally leave something important out, such as the number of rooms the house has, when it was built, etc.

Like any resource, Zillow takes some time to learn but it’s worth it, being one of the premier real estate listing websites in America. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to come up with a winning listing.