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Realtor Tips for Marketing Automation

Reaching a huge consumer base is the priority of every profit-oriented entrepreneur. Similarly, realtors work hard to reach many people and seal many deals. But, how do you reach home sellers and buyers who have chosen the internet as their preferred means of meeting a realtor? Many home buyers especially millennials would like to do research and compare different homes on the internet before meeting the realtor or seeing the home physically. With that said, realtors need to enter marketing automation to enable them to reach the clients who choose the internet as their preferred means. Below are essential tips for marketing automation.

Schedule Your Social Media

Many realtors have little social media engagement. As a realtor, you are likely to be a victim of this sector-wide problem. One common mistake that realtors make is thinking that marketing automation is all about emails. You should understand that marketing automation involves all the activities that can be automated including social media. Ensure that you are consistent and have relevant content. Scheduling your posts will let social media do marketing while you are busy showing houses.

Divide Your Audience

Your audience doesn’t require a similar message all the time. Remember, you are accommodating both home buyers and sellers who are in need for realtors. Ensure that you segment your audience into homogeneous groups according to their needs. With segmentation, you can easily send special messages to each cluster.

Send Strategic and Automated Messages

Strategy and timeliness of your message are essential. The frequency of posting on social media determines audience engagement. Posing at least four times will increase your presence in social media. When you prefer mailing your clients, avoid sending many messages. Sending an overload emails will spam your customers’ inbox. Sending once in a week is advisable. Most real estate professionals leave their client interactions to an automated real estate marketing software like that provided by OutboundEngine.


Remain Relevant

The goal of marketing automation is to sell your name to gain more clients. This goal can be established through selling real estate services as well as establishing your name as a reliable and relevant resource in the real estate industry. Ensure that your posts or emails have an important message for your clients. Giving your customers ideas on home buying and selling skills, updates on new properties will generate many clients interest in you, rather than praising your qualifications and services.

Maintain Your Goodwill

In the quest to become relevant in the industry, many real estate agents end up being considered as spam senders. Sending messages that will be reported as spam or automatically filtered is easy, and many realtors don’t know how to avoid that. Make sure you comply with CAN-SPAM law. Your email content should strictly cover whatever you have specified in the headline.

Factor In Mobile Clients

Your potential clients might be doing their research online meaning that they are using smartphones, tablets, or laptops. To reach this group, ensure you send emails with this category in mind. Messages should be visual and short.

Remember Your Existing Clients

In your pursuit for more customers, don’t forget the clients you already have. Marketing automation can be leveraged to reach both existing and new customers. Real estate business depends mostly on referrals, and thus it is essential to maintain your existing clients.

Six Referral Relationships You Need to Build

One of the many joys of being in real estate sales is having the opportunity to be self-employed. Depending on your own knowledge, schedule, and work ethic can be both gratifying and rewarding as you build your own business or brand. But as you dive deeper into the world of real estate, you’ll soon learn that you can’t succeed all on your own and that it’s essential to create connections with other businesses. We sat down with a top real estate agent in New York City, arguably the most competitive marketplace in the country, to figure out his key to success. How did Charles Robertson get to the top of his game? By networking like crazy! We gathered his tips for how to create a vast network of partners that can provide a steady supply of potential clients. According to Charles, here are six referral relationships that you need to build.

1. Chamber of Commerce

The very first connection that you need to forge is with your local Chamber of Commerce. While this may seem like a no-brainer, being active within your community’s Chamber of Commerce can raise your profile among store owners, service providers, bankers, and even local politicians. Other members will have the opportunity to get to know you, hear your ideas, and watch you in action on service projects and committee meetings. And because of the myriad of businesses involved within the Chamber of Commerce, strengthening these relationships is time well spent.

2. Contractors and Tradesmen

When considering a move, most homeowners tend to think about the condition or value of their property and can begin to make improvements on their house. Contractors, painters, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians can all be involved in this process and will be able to interact with homeowners on a daily basis. By creating a partnership with these tradesmen, they can refer your realtor services to those who are looking to sell their home or find a new property. For example, Charles made a connection with this NYC handyman service when he hired them to help hang pictures in an apartment he was staging. They started sending him referrals when customers mentioned they were moving. Charles says, in turn, you can also mention these contracting and labor services to clients that you work with as well, resulting in a mutually beneficial connection.

3. Lawyers

While lawyers tend to have a reputation for being merciless and tough, most people rely on and trust their services when push comes to shove. That said, it can be very beneficial to create a partnership with lawyers as long as you stick to the professional code of ethics. An attorney who saves a client a lot of time and money in settlements or charges can hold much-needed leverage and credibility when it’s time to choose a realtor.

4. Investors

Partnering with members of a real estate investment association (or better yet, becoming a member yourself) can produce another steady stream of potential clients. As investors meet to discuss the latest in wholesale, restoration, land-lording, and the investigation of properties, they’ll most likely need your knowledge in multiple listing services. And since real estate vendors are given a few minutes to plug themselves at monthly meetings, it’s a good idea to take that chance and sell your services to a wide variety of businessmen.

5. Mortgage Brokers and Bankers

Loan officers usually work with clients who are under pressure and have looming contract expirations. When a frantic home buyer is eager to close a deal, a broker or banker can easily suggest your services as an effective solution. Since a seasoned mortgage broker or banker can have a wide network of buyers and sellers, they’re a perfect connection to make within the world of real estate.

6. Moving Companies

People who are planning a move often start feeling out the cost of hiring movers well in advance of moving day. Moving agents might be willing to send some referrals your way when customers are having a difficult time finding the right apartment to move into. Charles says he cultivated a relationship with the moving crew at Imperial Moving Company (website) when he moved into his first apartment in New York. Since then they have referred dozens of customers his way, and he has returned the favor. This mutually beneficial relationship is a solid one to have.

In the world of real estate, who you know can make or break the success of your business. The broader your network, the more referrals you’ll get, and the more opportunities you’ll have to close deals! If you’re ready to become an elite realtor, get out there and start making connections!


9 Digital Marketing Tips Every Realtor Should Know

Competition is always fierce among realtors in local markets, regardless of the size of the community they serve. Real estate agents always find themselves fighting for clients. The best way to get ahead of your local competition is to implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Use the following tips courtesy of the digital marketing gurus at Moonraker SEO Marketing to help get you started:

1. Add Social Media Sharing to your Property Pages

While social media icons are standard on most website home pages, placing icons on individual property subpages can drastically increase traffic to your site. Browsers can share individual listings on social media which will give you more exposure to prospective buyers.

2. Personalize your Content

Content that you write for your website and for online marketing purposes should be personalized. Each piece should be directed towards local buyers in your community instead of the general American public.

3. Hire an SEO Agency

If you don’t have the time or energy to spend on SEO, hire an SEO agency like Moonraker (also find on Facebook and Tumblr) . SEO agencies have the expertise and staffing necessary to help make your real estate business succeed. Many agencies even specialize in promoting real estate websites.

4. Make your Website Mobile-Friendly

Most Americans browse the Internet on their smartphones. Real estate agents who haven’t made their websites mobile responsive are missing out on a significant number of customers.

5. Consistent Email Marketing

Building an email list and sending monthly newsletters can help clients remember who you are and what type of service you provide. While they won’t need to purchase or sell a home that often, they’ll know who to turn to when the time comes.

6. Use Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Pay-per-click campaigns are a great way for local businesses to come out on top. Google’s Adwords program is the most widely used PPC program, and local businesses notice a faster return on their investment when they run ads on these platforms.

7. Optimize your Site for Local Marketing

Make sure your website is optimized for local marketing. This means your address and contact information should be listed on every page and your written content should speak about something relevant to your community.

8. Dip into Social Media Paid Advertising

Like Google Adwords, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter offer advertising that can be targeted to geographic locations. Use social media advertising to efficiently advertise your services to people in your community.

9. Publish Reviews from Customers

Positive reviews from previous customers can greatly help your chances of winning new business. Every time you help a client buy or sell a home, ask for a review and publish it on your website, review websites and on your social media profiles.

7 of the Best Apps for Realtors

In any profession, there are new technologies that can help you succeed and become the best in your industry. Mobile technology has become some of the most useful technology in our modern world. With the rise of mobile devices, you can utilize apps that will help you become the best professional you can be. As a realtor, there are many apps that will guide you to the top in your local market. Discovering these apps will help you take your career to the next level.

1. Instagram

While you might think Instagram is just an app for younger generations, it is one of the most effective forms of free advertising on the market today (you can also pay to advertise as well). Building a strong following on Instagram can give you a pool of potential clients that will be amazed by your new listings that keep showing up on your Instagram account. Make sure to take beautiful photos of your listings and choose the very best ones to post to your account. The more regularly you post, the more followers you are likely to get on this social network. For tips on integrating Instagram into your current marketing routine, read this great post from the NAR.

2. Zillow

Knowing your market inside and out is essential to being the best Realtor you can be. With the Zillow app, you can stay on top of the local listings in your area as well as the comps around your current listings. Zillow gets over 160 million monthly visitors, so adding your listings to the site is a great way to gain additional exposure!

3. Mint

As a Realtor, you are likely in control of your own budget. All the cost of advertising, traveling between properties, and other fees will rest on your shoulders, so it’s very important to budget your money wisely and have visibility over your spending. With the Mint app, you will be able to track right where your money is going. This will help you to maximize profits and have enough money saved for future investment in your career.

4. DocuSign

There are many documents that must be signed when dealing in real estate transactions. When you are looking to securely sign these documents digitally, DocuSign is a very helpful app. As the number one eSignature brand, DocuSign will help you to securely and efficiently take care of all your important real estate documents.

5. YouTube

High-quality videos are becoming more important in the real estate industry. With the advancement of technology, most of these videos can be shot right from your smartphone. By installing the YouTube app, you will be able to upload these videos right to your YouTube channel after filming them on your phone. The new ease of shooting and uploading videos to YouTube right from your phone will help you to gain more exposure for your listings on the largest video sharing site in the world.

6. Evernote Scannable

Despite the mounds of paperwork to complete for each client, it is impossible to be completely paperless as a Realtor. With Evernote Scannable, you can use your phone to digitally scan all your important documents. This will help you stay more organized and secure your important documents.

7. AM Open House

Open houses are one of the most effective forms of advertising in the real estate industry. To maximize the effectiveness of an open house, you must be able to gather information about potential buyers. AM Open House is an amazing app for this purpose. With a digital sign in sheet, social sharing capabilities, online property management, and much more, you will find that this app is one of the most effective in helping you succeed as a Realtor.

Thanks to Great Guys Moving Company for giving their input on the best real estate apps. This nationwide mover offers residential and commercial moving services including local moves, long distance moving, storage solutions, piano moving, and military DITY moves. If your clients are looking for good deals on moving companies, consider directing them to Great Guys. For additional advice on the cost of long distance moves, tips on moving with pets (or this article on moving with pets to Hawaii), and other moving resources, check out the Great Guys moving blog.