5 of the Biggest Challenges of Moving in New York City

While it’s not impossible to move in the Big Apple, brace yourself for all sorts of challenges to make it in this concrete jungle. Besides being one of the most expensive places in the U.S, NYC is among the most overpopulated. Landing a job might be a piece of cake but finding an affordable home? It won’t be an easy task. Between the high cost of living, the crowds of people, and the number of things to do, moving to the city can be overwhelming for newcomers. That said, you should come in prepared to avoid problems. Don’t worry! Here are five of the biggest challenges you should look out for.

1. Finding an Apartment

Hunting for an apartment in New York City is a notoriously tricky task. Competition here is fierce, prices are insane, and the available space keeps decreasing by the day. You should never blindly move to NYC without looking for a place first. Remember that you’re pitted against eight million other people for space. Competition is fierce. The best way to approach this is to know the number of rooms you need, the location, and its cost. Make sure you weigh your options carefully, as there is no going back. Once you do find a place, make sure you are ready to fork over a hefty deposit – usually between 1-2 months of rent – to secure your spot.

Finding an apartment in NYC can be tricky.

2. Lack of Parking Space

Looking closely, most of NYC’s relocation problems stem from its overpopulation. Similar to the housing situation, parking space here is scarce. Chances are it is illegal to park in the area in front of your new apartment. As a result, your movers will have to look for the nearest parking space or risk getting a ticket. The minimum price you’ll have to pay for illegal parking is somewhere around $45. That being said, if your movers bring your belongings in trips using mini-shuttles, it’ll add up to the overall cost of your move.

Street parking can be difficult to snag.

3. Old Buildings

New York City has been around for almost 400 years. It’s older than the United States itself. The city takes pride in its classic architecture featuring rows of magnificent brownstone buildings and vintage walk-up apartments. However, while these infrastructures are known for their elegance and nostalgia, moving into one can be impractical in today’s age. You see, most of these old buildings feature narrow corridors and hallways. Your movers might find it difficult to squeeze in some of your large furniture. Not to mention that they’ll also have to hand-carry stuff since most of these buildings lack elevators. Again, that’s an added cost to your tab.

While NYC’s historic buildings are beautiful, they can make moving difficult.

4. Looking For the Right Neighborhood

From the moment you set foot in this world-famous city, you’ll be bombarded by a firestorm of choices. One of them is choosing a neighborhood. NYC has lots of them, and each one offers a unique experience you can’t find in another. It all comes down to what you can afford and what you’re looking for. Some areas will generally be safer, livelier, and have more to offer at the expense of higher living costs. Other places will be more budget-friendly, but you’ll have to deal with long hours of commuting or issues of homelessness. Whatever neighborhood you choose, make sure to research it first to avoid regretting later on.

The Upper West Side is one of Manhattan’s most popular (and expensive) neighborhoods.

5. Dealing With The Traffic

If you think the scarcity of parking is bad, then just wait until you witness the horrible NYC traffic. Gridlocks remain as the city’s major downfall. Imagine trying to just peacefully move into your new home as soon as you can, yet your stuff is still stuck on the road for hours. Of course, this equates to extra hassle and time for your movers. And you know the drill for extended services, right? You’ll have to pay more on top of the delay and inconvenience that you’ll experience. But you can’t do anything about it since it’s NYC, after all.

The traffic in Queensboro Bridge, Midtown.

A Final Word of Advice

Moving to New York can be exciting, but keep in mind that it’s also a massive undertaking. As with anyone else who has tried moving to New York City, learning to navigate the moving process won’t be a walk in a park. Whether you plan to rent a truck or hire movers, it’ll cost you a substantial amount of money. So which method should you choose?

Moving in NYC is probably nothing like you’ve ever done or seen before. It’s New York City! The most bustling metropolis in the world. It only makes sense to hire professionals who know the ins and outs of the city and can expertly tackle any challenges that arise. Trying to move without professional help will eventually lead to issues and frustrations.

Keep in mind that moving isn’t just about saving money. It’s also about making it successful, conserving your resources, protecting your belongings, and striving for a smooth experience. And only a reliable NYC moving company can help you with that.

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