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5 Ways to Make Your Listings Stand Out

If you are a real estate agent, you may want to find ways to make your online listing stand out. Since more agents are choosing to market their properties on the web, you should make sure that your listing has maximum exposure. Here are five ways to make your real estate listings stand out on the Internet.

1. Create a user-friendly layout

When looking to market a property on the Internet, you want to make sure the layout is easy to follow for the potential buyer. According to Just Listed, many consumers will leave a website if they find that the structure is confusing or the information is not organized well on the page.

Instead of large paragraphs describing the property, break up the description into small sections or bullet points, which can be easier to peruse. You also should place important information toward the top of the page, so that the potential buyer sees this first. You may also want to create clear, informative titles and headlines to encourage the buyer to click on the listing.

2. Take clear pictures

For the most part, most listings should include several pictures of the house. Remember to take clear, accurate pictures of all the rooms and the exterior of the house. Most buyers look at the photos first before even reading the description, so you want to make sure that the pictures reflect the ambiance in the house. Here are useful real estate photography tips.

Be sure your listings include lots of high-quality pictures that display the highlights of the property.

In many instances, buyers are attracted to not only the house but also the lifestyle created by certain items in the house. Per Trulia, you should make sure to stage the house appropriately with quality furniture. Also, you may want to hire a professional photographer who can produce high quality pictures.

3. Include accurate descriptions

After perusing the pictures, many buyers will focus on the descriptions. Make sure to add accurate information within the listing so that the buyer is clear about the specifics of the property. You should also want to include keywords in your listing that are search engine friendly.

4. Utilize social media

Social media is a great way to draw additional traffic to your online listings.

Most real estate agents utilize social media to market their properties. If you are looking to gain more traffic to your listing, you may want to post a link on your Twitter or Facebook accounts. You can also post important pictures on Instagram and other sites. In addition, you can also post important general information, such as if a listing has decreased in price or your contact information.

5. Include a video tour of the property

If you have a camera phone, then you may want to provide the potential buyer with a virtual tour. A video can allow the individual an alternate view of the house and can accurately show how everything flows. Videos are usually easy to upload on most sites and can really enhance your listing. Click here for a great tutorial on how to shoot a real estate video.

There are many ways that you can make your listing stand out online. If you want to attract a maximum number of visitors and sell properties quickly, then put these five tips to good use.


9 Digital Marketing Tips Every Realtor Should Know

Competition is always fierce among realtors in local markets, regardless of the size of the community they serve. Real estate agents always find themselves fighting for clients. The best way to get ahead of your local competition is to implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Use the following tips courtesy of the digital marketing gurus at Moonraker SEO Marketing to help get you started:

1. Add Social Media Sharing to your Property Pages

While social media icons are standard on most website home pages, placing icons on individual property subpages can drastically increase traffic to your site. Browsers can share individual listings on social media which will give you more exposure to prospective buyers.

2. Personalize your Content

Content that you write for your website and for online marketing purposes should be personalized. Each piece should be directed towards local buyers in your community instead of the general American public.

3. Hire an SEO Agency

If you don’t have the time or energy to spend on SEO, hire an SEO agency like Moonraker (also find on Facebook and Tumblr) . SEO agencies have the expertise and staffing necessary to help make your real estate business succeed. Many agencies even specialize in promoting real estate websites.

Adding content to your site is a great way to start ranking for terms that will drive more web traffic.

Adding content to your site is a great way to start ranking for terms that will drive more web traffic.

4. Make your Website Mobile-Friendly

Most Americans browse the Internet on their smartphones. Real estate agents who haven’t made their websites mobile responsive are missing out on a significant number of customers.

5. Consistent Email Marketing

Building an email list and sending monthly newsletters can help clients remember who you are and what type of service you provide. While they won’t need to purchase or sell a home that often, they’ll know who to turn to when the time comes.

6. Use Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Pay-per-click campaigns are a great way for local businesses to come out on top. Google’s Adwords program is the most widely used PPC program, and local businesses notice a faster return on their investment when they run ads on these platforms.

7. Optimize your Site for Local Marketing

Make sure your website is optimized for local marketing. This means your address and contact information should be listed on every page and your written content should speak about something relevant to your community.

Social media marketing is a great way to solicit additional interest in your property listings.

Social media marketing is a great way to solicit additional interest in your property listings.

8. Dip into Social Media Paid Advertising

Like Google Adwords, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter offer advertising that can be targeted to geographic locations. Use social media advertising to efficiently advertise your services to people in your community.

9. Publish Reviews from Customers

Positive reviews from previous customers can greatly help your chances of winning new business. Every time you help a client buy or sell a home, ask for a review and publish it on your website, review websites and on your social media profiles.